Friday Night Bar Crawl

We are an international team that wanted to show the unique nightlife and culture of one of the best (and most underrated) cities in Greece! Everyone knows the Greek islands, but how well do you know mainland Greece? On this tour, our goal is for you to have a very fun nightlife experience, while also feeling like a local with our bar guides from Thessaloniki . Our tour occurs on one of the oldest and most historic streets in Thessaloniki. Filled with university students and young professionals, this street is always packed on Friday and Saturday nights. You will meet people from all over the world on this bar crawl. We try to have Greek locals on our tours as well, so be prepared to practice your Greek!

You will recieve these discounts and deals all along our bar crawl:

Bar #1- Discounted beer and 1 euro off all beer that is normally 6,5 euros (2,5 euro beer for Fix Barrell and Mythos)

Bar #2- 10% discount on the check

Bar #3- 20% discount on certain cocktails and 1 euro off all non-cocktail drinks

Club- Eightball (expect to pay an 8 euro cover)