Dreaming Dangerously: stories from Latin America

Latin America: a land of light and laughter where magic is part of the daily dance. Also a land where darkness haunts the jungles and fear roams the mountains, and some stories must be told in whispers. Dangerous stories. Where just telling them is an act of revolution.From legends to literature to personal experiences growing up in what was once the most dangerous city in the world, this 1.5-hour storytelling performance weaves together tales of hope, darkness and the power of words, told (in English) by a travelling storyteller from Colombia.Juliana Marin (@AchiraStories) is a nomadic traditional storyteller from Colombia who left everything to travel the world. Nearly 2 years and 28 countries later, she’s hitchhiked ambulances, slept in cemeteries, sat with shamans in the Amazon, lost all her stories and been found by them again—all this, to find you, and bring you a story. Would you like to hear it?WHERE: To Pano Spiti / Leof. Alexandras 37, Athina 114 73WHEN: Wednesday 8 of November21:00 – 22:30HOW MUCH: Free entry, Donations accepted