E-Residency Masterclass and Networking in Athens

E-Residency of Estonia is a government-issued digital identity which gives global entrepreneurs remote access to the world’s most digital country. It enables you to start and run a company 100% online from anywhere!

During our event, you’ll learn about the Estonian business environment and ecosystem, how it works and what awaits you as an e-resident. Hear real stories from greek e-residents who have created international companies in Estonia thanks to e-Residency.

Enjoy networking and share your experiences with the e-Residency team, and meeting e-residents and business contacts. Join us regardless of whether you are already an e-resident, not yet, or just curious to hear about it!


The program and speakers:

18:00 Doors open

18:15 Welcoming words from mrs Karin Rannu, Estonian ambassador to Greece

18:20 What is e-Residency and who benefit from it? It’s key use cases for business founders and freelancers (Raimo Matvere, Head of Partnerships at e-Residency)

Raimo has been the head of partnerships in e-Residency team for more than 4 years. He has worked closely with all the service providers in e-Residency Marketplace that help e-residents in starting, running and growing their Estonian companies. Recently Raimo has focused a lot on establishing partnerships with different funding, growth and acceleration programs which are available also for companies created by e-residents.

18:45 How to set up a company in Estonia and what to keep in mind? Crash course on getting started with your international business in Estonia (, CEO of

Martin Lään is the founder and CEO of e-Residency Hub – one of the biggest companies in Estonia that helps e-residents to start and run their companies. The company provides fast and easy way to set up and run an EU company remotely. Multi-currency bank account in cooperation with Wise, easy-to-use online tools and a personal accountant are just a few services offered for e-residents.

19:10 Founder stories by e-residents Dimitris Sykas () and Greg Dickens ()

Dimitris Sykas is a serial entrepreneur and earth observation data scientist. His passion for learning how to understand and process of satellite images lead him to the creation of GEO University, where he is a founder and managing director. GEO university creates online courses on the geospatial domain and delivers them to more than 35 thousand people across the globe.

Greg Dickens is an American who is living permanently in Greece. He’s a founder of Epilocal, a software company that builds analytics products for businesses that center around online content. He founded his business in Estonia as it was the quickest and simplest way to get up and running as a solo-entrepreneur.

19:20 Panel discussion – honest insight to running businesses as Estonian e-residents, debate on the most asked questions about e-Residency. The participants: Martin Lään (e-Residency Hub), Dimitris Sykas (GEO university), Greg Dickens (Epilocal) and George Giannopolous (Prooptiki SA)

George Giannopolous is a Junior Partner – International Liaison Manager at Prooptiki SA. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Piraeus. Afterwards, he successfully completed the postgraduate degree in International Accounting & Finance at the University of Kent, England. As an accountant and tax consultant he has worked both in the UK and in Greece for several years.

At Prooptiki SA he is a Junior Partner and he is managing the company’s team in accounting and tax matters. George is the main contact person of Prooptkiki SA and he is responsible for discussions with new clients regarding the needs of their business.

19:45 Networking is the possibility to meet e-residents, service providers and partners who are helping e-residents globally as well as like-minded business people.



The event is co-organised by e-Residency team and Estonian Embassy in Greece and takes place in ImpactHub Athens!